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Kristin & Steve Podcast: Die Hard, Amazon and More!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Top Gun: Maverick, Adam Sandler and More!

Adam Sandler delivered a hilarious speech written by his kids! And Top Gun: Maverick is going back to the theaters! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: Diners surprised a Waffle House waitress with an $1100 dollar tip!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Leftovers, Am I a Jerk and More!

Time is up for those Thanksgiving leftovers! And on Am I a Jerk, our listeners chime in about Danny who took his beer back home from a party! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: An off-duty firefighter saves a woman from a burning car!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Dirty Dancing 2, Mood Adjuster and More!

Jennifer Grey shared some details about the “Dirty Dancing” sequel! And the “Christmas Story” homeowner kicks one of the stars of the film off the property! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: A grandmother and the man she texted by mistake reunite for a 7th Thanksgiving and a Netflix deal!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Thanksgiving Must Haves and More!

Our listeners talk about their Thanksgiving Must Haves when it comes to food! And the TSA is sharing tips to help things go smoothly for Thanksgiving travelers. Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: A Texas veteran hosts a free Thanksgiving dinner for those in need in his community.

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Indiana Jones 5, Mariah Carey and More!

"Indiana Jones 5" will feature a de-aged Harrison Ford! And Mariah Carey will sing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: A woman stolen at birth meets her sibling for the first time!

Kristin Lessard & Steve Kelly Podcast: Mariah Carey Macy's Parade

Mariah Carey will sing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Group Therapy Thanksgiving and More!

The 'Goonies' home was listed for sale in Oregon! And our listeners help Hannah in Group Therapy figure out how to tactfully uninvite a friend for Thanksgiving! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: A dad helps his son with cerebral palsy take on Iron Man triathlons !

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Snoop Dogg, College Regret and More!

Snoop Dogg launched a line of pet products! And the most regretted college majors! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: An ambitious 8-year-old applies for a job and gets a big surprise!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Porch Pirate Protection, Talk or Text and More!

How to protect your holiday shopping from porch pirates! And our listeners share whether they prefer talking or texting! Plus, today’s Mood Adjuster: A kidney donor surprises a man in need of a transplant with some good news!