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Kristin Lessard & Steve Kelly

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Kristin & Steve Podcast: 'Am I a Jerk': Wedding Thank Yous and More!

Kristin Lessard Interviews Actor/Comedian Paul Reiser

Kristin Lessard Interviews Actor/Comedian Paul Reiser

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Writers' Strike, Yellowstone and More!

Hollywood Studios and the Writers are near an agreement to end the strike! And "Yellowstone" airs on CBS broadcast TV for the first time! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: Teen beats cancer and donates her Make-A-Wish to other kids battling cancer!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Senate Dress Code and More!

The dress code has been relaxed for US Senators on the Senate Floor! And McDonald's unveils new Pokémon Happy Meals! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: Jennifer Garner helps a homeless man in a wheelchair, even offering up her own shoes!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Twitter Subscription Fee and More!

Elon Musk is hinting at a subscription fee for all users of his X social media platform! And Kevin Costner reportedly begged to return to Yellowstone! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A woman gives a bike to a man she sees walking to work every day!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Summer or Fall? Cheeseburger Day and More!

Will the iPhone 12 be banned? And it’s National Cheeseburger Day we’ll tell you where to find some of the best deals! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A kind stranger builds a bus stop bench so kids can sit while they’re waiting!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: NASA, Fraiser and More!

NASA released a final report, and it said there’s no evidence of aliens of UFOS! And Kelsey Grammer’s reboot of ‘Fraiser’ is going to be set in Boston! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A first grade teacher saves a student choking on a marker cap!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: AI Coke, Adam Sandler and More!

Coca Cola created a new flavor with the help of AI! And Adam Sandler is headed off on a new comedy tour next month! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A good Samaritan rescues a driver from a burning car!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Brady Bunch House, Mood Adjuster and More!

The Brady Bunch home in California sells for millions! And some daytime talk shows are coming back to TV despite the writers’ strike! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A 12-year-old saves a drowning man with CPR he learned from ‘Stranger Things!’

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Impulse Aisle, Aerosmith and More!

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert movie expected to make $100 million in its opening weekend! And Aerosmith is postponing their farewell tour after Steven Tyler damaged his vocal cords! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: An Amazon driver goes into a burning home to save an elderly man from a fire!