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Jenna Ortega Repeatedly Rejected Offers to Star in 'Wednesday'

Again and again, actress Jenna Ortega was asked to star in the hit Netflix show "Wednesday," and over and over again, she said no. 

In an interview with The Times U.K., Ortega said she got the email with the job offer and passed on it because she didn’t want to do TV again. She said she’d already done a lot of TV in her career and that what she really wanted to do was to get into film. 

She said she was afraid if she agreed to do another TV show, it would keep her from getting those movie roles she really wanted and cared about.  

So why did Ortega accept the role of Wednesday Addams? Simple. Director Tim Burton. She said he is "such a legend" so she wanted to work with him. However, she never thought the series would become this much of a hit!  

She was asked if she would have preferred the show not be such a huge hit, and surprisingly, her answer was "yes." 

Well, it seems it was smart to take that job with Tim Burton, because now, word is, she may be signing on to star in ‘Beetlejuice 2’ with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. 

Source: Variety

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Wednesday"

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