How To Hack A McDonald's English Muffin, Millennial Style

The best way to power your morning is with a healthy breakfast. Nope, not a candy bar or a soda! Since I'm up at the crack of dawn this week [and Monday], filling in for Joe Rossetti on the Wicked Cool Morning Show, I didn't want all of Cape Cod to hear my growling gut on the radio...but I didn't have time to prep and eat something at home. So I grabbed an avocado and a couple of grape tomatoes, threw them in my bag and headed out the door. Then I rolled up on the McDonald's drive thru and ordered a plain English muffin. While the Cool Classics were playing, I freestyled a 'recipe' and assembled the clown face muffin. Because you should always play with your food! You can enjoy it open-face style or smoosh it into a sandwich with the opposite muffin, your call.


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