Pet Of The Week: Bubbles

Meet Bubbles!

Bubbles is a 3 year old male guinea pig looking for his new home. Bubbles is friendly, although he is a bit skittish with people he doesn’t know. He does enjoy his play time, but play time for him will be on his terms. Guinea pigs need time out of their enclosure every day, as it not only gives a guinea pig more room to explore and play, but out of enclosure time also allows you time to build and strengthen your bond with him. Additionally, Bubbles doesn’t overly enjoy being handled, but is tolerant of it – and this will improve once he settles into his new home and his trust in you grows. While many guinea pigs enjoy the company of their own kind, this isn’t the case for Bubbles, as he would also prefer to be the only guinea pig in the home.

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You can expect a response to your inquiry from a member of our adoption staff within 48 hours of completing this form. Due to our high volume of inquiries, please refrain from calling unless that time frame has passed. If needed, you can reach the Brewster shelter at 617-426-9170 x305. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is currently open by appointment only...Tuesday-Sunday from 1:00-6:30 p.m

How cute is Bubbles?!Photo: ARL Boston

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