Pet Of The Week: Ebby

Meet Ebby!

Ebby is a 12-year-old male senior kitty currently looking for his new home. If you’re looking for affection, Ebby will be right you your ally! He’s a super friendly lap cat and like many senior animals is just looking for a warm place to curl up and take a nap. Ebby came to ARL from another organization so we don’t have a ton of background information on him, so it’s unknown if he’s ever lived with another cat or dog. Like many cats his age, Ebby does have dental disease, so when he goes to visit his veterinarian for the first time, this should be discussed as it will need to be addressed at some point down the road. Senior pets have a ton of love to give, so if you’re looking for a kitty companion that wants to be by your side and more often in your lap, then Ebby is the one for you!

Ebby is located on Cape Cod at our Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Cape Adoption Inquiry Form

You can expect a response to your inquiry from a member of our adoption staff within 48 hours of completing this form. Due to our high volume of inquiries, please refrain from calling unless that time frame has passed. If needed, you can reach the Brewster shelter at 617-426-9170 x305. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is currently open Wed- Sunday 1-6:30pm and Tuesday by appointment only from 2-6:30pm, closed on Monday.

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