Pet Of The Week: Apothecary

Apothecary (it’s a Schitt’s Creek reference) is a 9 month old neutered male who is still getting used to being around people. Apothecary is a very nervous boy. When he meets new people or is in a new space he usually prefers to find a place to hide where he feels safe. When he goes to his new home his family will have to have a secure space to keep him in while he acclimates to his new surroundings. Although Apothecary is shy, he is slowly starting to feel more comfortable with humans. In a home setting, Apothecary is an observer, more interested in keeping to himself (and his kitty friends) and not engaging with people. Since being at the shelter he has started to purr when he gets affection from his favorite staff members and even lean into chin scratches. However, he is a cat that really does not seek out attention from humans - you have to make all the effort to approach him first.

Apothecary will need to have a cat friendly feline companion in his new home. He absolutely loves to be around other cats and he seeks them out when he's feeling nervous! Since being at the shelter Apothecary is most active and vocal when he hears another cat talking or has a feline visitor. Apothecary really wants to get all his attention from another cat rather than people, so his feline friend should be one who will enjoy his company!

If you are interested in adopting Apothecary, please fill out the ARL web form, available here:

Cape Adoption Inquiry Form

You can expect a response to your inquiry from a member of our adoption staff within 48 hours of completing this form. Due to our high volume of inquiries, please refrain from calling unless that time frame has passed. If needed, you can reach the Brewster shelter at 617-426-9170 x305. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is currently operating by appointment only Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm. Our Adoption Forward process will start with a phone conversation.

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