Brian May Reveals Progress on Going Vegan for 'Veganuary'

London Celebrity Sightings -  October 25, 2019

London Celebrity Sightings - October 25, 2019

Queen's Brian May recently revealed that he is kicking off 2020 by going vegan, and fans have already received a progress report into how it's going on Day 1.

May first revealed his plans to become vegan this month in an Instagram post last week. He stated, "Starting on the first of January I, this coming year I will be doing VEGANUARY. Which means I will eat only vegan food for that month. After that, I will take a view on whether to continue or not."

In a post on January 1st — the very first day — the rock legend documented how "Veganuary" is going. He described what he ate, which includes mushrooms on toast, a baked potato and baked beans for breakfast, fruits and vegetables and tomato soup for lunch, and Chinese takeout for dinner (although he did admit to wanting to order his favorite sweet and sour prawns).

He wrote, "My first day of Veganuary went OK. I will be looking at your comments to see how yours went, those [of] you good folks who are joining me. If you’re not, don’t worry. We all have our paths to tread. I wasn’t ready to do this last year, but was so impressed by the success of almost all my SAVE-ME team that I [was] determined to try it out this year. What did I eat today? Well, breakfast was okay, though already imperfect! We have to allow ourselves a few little imperfections at first, I am told. Waking up in a hotel, I ordered mushrooms on toast and a baked tomato along with some baked beans. Very good indeed. No problem there, except that they sent me 2 lots of spread and I had no idea which one was the dairy free option! Then I had a plane journey, on which I was lucky enough to be plied with lots of fruit and veg and some delicious tomato soup. Arriving home weary and worn, I indulged in my favourite Chinese takeaway, who have already been kind enough to make sure they help me in my Veganuary efforts. Beansprouts with spring onions and cashews, steamed rice, and some sweet-and-sour delicious vegetables, not forgetting some seaweed. Happy. Easy, huh? Well, I’ll be honest - I DID feel a craving for sweet and sour prawns, my ancient weakness, and I missed the egg in the rice."

May continued by sharing the positive effects that he's already seeing from going vegan for the month. He said, "This is definitely a new journey. But I already felt a benefit in my head. I watched a programme on wildlife in the ocean, and noticed that my usual feelings of guilt, because of eating seafood in spite of wanting to protect these beautiful creatures, was absent. It’s perhaps the beginnings of the feeling of congruity that I’m searching for in my life. Well, it took me 72 years to get to this point !! So I ain’t gonna do any preachin’!!"

Photo: Getty Images