Muse's Matt Bellamy Gifts Custom Guitar To "Huge Inspiration" Tom Morello

Muse's recent collaboration with Tom Morello didn't end with Morello's guest solo on "Break It To Me" at the band's recent Manchester concert.

After sharing a clip of his live guest spot, Morello posted a photo of himself and Bellamy backstage, where Bellamy presented the Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave/Prophets of Rage guitarist with one of his custom Manson guitars.

"Happy birthday to Matt Bellamy, who on the even of his birthday, gave me this awesome #PowerToThePeople Manson Guitar Works guitar!" Morello wrote in the caption. "Incredible. Thanks buddy for everything and have a great one!"

In his own post regarding his generous gift, Bellamy called Morello a "huge inspiration to me growing up, a guitar legend."

He added, "Proud to be able to give him a guitar I had made inspired by his playing and his message. Thanks for joining us on this U.K. tour, it's been a blast!"

Morello has been promoting his latest solo album, The Atlas Underground, on tour in Europe opening for Muse.

Bellamy meanwhile recently got into the guitar business. Last week Manson Guitar Works announced that its longtime and highest profile endorsee, Bellamy, was now a "majority shareholder" in the company.

It should come as no surprise that Bellamy counts Morello as a key influence. Like Morello's various bands, Muse has never been shy about making political statements in its music. And like Morello, Bellamy is constantly experimenting with the sonic limits of the electric guitar, shaping his sound with an array of Morello-inspired effects and techniques.

But the question remains: Will the notoriously finicky Morello play his new guitar live?

Morello has used only a handful of different guitars in concert over his career. In 2017, he told Nikki Sixx on his My Favorite Riff web series that he hasn't even changed the settings on his amplifier since 1990.

"I worked with [my gear], and I never got a tone that I had in my head," Morello said at the time. "So one day, I gave up. And I said, 'This is gonna be my tone. I'm never going to think about it again — I'm never going to worry about it again. I'm going to worry about writing music with this tone.' And this is the tone I have to this day."

Morello has only one more show announced on his calendar this year, June 15, in his home state of Illinois.

Muse recently announced more U.K. shows this September. Get all the tour dates here.