Kentucky Man Forced Amazon Driver To Rake His Driveway At Gunpoint: Police

A 63-year-old Kentucky man was arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun on an Amazon delivery driver and ordered him to rake his driveway. Police say that Kenneth Vance confronted the driver as he left the property and pulled out a gun.

Vance ordered the driver to step out of his van and handed him a rake. He told the driver, who has not been identified, to smooth out the gravel driveway which had been disturbed by his van. The driver cooperated and was allowed to leave the property.

He called 911, and police went to Vance's house where he was taken into custody. He was charged with wanton endangerment and unlawful imprisonment.

The driver was unharmed, and Major Neil Johnson with the Oldham County Police told WDRB that he did the right thing by complying with Vance's demand.

"In this situation, he was able to remove himself from this situation safely, he was able to contact us, and we were able to take our action," Johnson said. "So he did everything he should do to make sure he was safe."

Photo: Oldham County Detention Center