Woman Calls 911 Over Handmaid On Edge Of Roof... But She Was Very Mistaken

Anyone who lives in New York City knows that you might see just about anything in the Big Apple, from celebrities to strangely dressed citizens to rats carrying pizza. However, you also might be witness to scarier things. That's just what Casey McCormick thought she was observing when she looked out her window and spotted a woman dressed like a handmaid from The Handmaid's Tale standing at the edge of the roof of a nearby building. Sure she was watching something tragic unfold, the 30-year-old called the police, who quickly arrived only to realize that Casey had been mistaken... very mistaken.

The handmaid she had seen was actually a big umbrella on an outdoor table. Casey shared everything that happened on Twitter, including a text from a police officer who responded to her call.

Since it all went down on Twitter, there were of course plenty of jokes, including one from the NYPD:

Even though it turned out to be an umbrella, many people are praising Casey for being proactive, thanking her for making the call even though it wasn't what she thought it was.

Photo: Getty Images