"Bomb Cyclone" Winds Topple Semi-Truck in Texas

A semi-truck trailer driving down a north Texas highway was caught on video toppling over by strong gusts of winds by Amarillo's KVII-TV.

Extreme winds exceeding 70 mph in north Texas and New Mexico on Wednesday are being blamed for tipping over several big rigs like the one seen in the video. In some areas of north Texas, trees were uprooted and tossed onto vehicles and homes, the TV station reported. Several power lines were also knocked over, leaving some 121,000 people without power according to Xcel Energy.

The location of the wrecked truck and the condition of its driver were not known.

The strong winds also reportedly rolled a mobile home on top of a parked vehicle, some 20 miles south of Forth Worth. One person was injured in that incident.

“It was crazy,” Amarillo resident Rhett Archer told KVII. “I know all the power lines were blown down in Amarillo and right outside my house on Tascosa Road, and all these semis blowing over. It’s just crazy.”