Woman Accidentally Steals Car She Thought Was A Rental

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rental cars

A Canadian woman was shocked when she found out that she had stolen the car she had been driving around in for the past two weeks. According to the CBC, the woman rented a black Nissan Sentra from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car and drove to a nearby Walmart to pick up a few things. 

When she was finished shopping, she found what she thought was her rental car in the parking lot, got in and drove away. What she didn't realize is the car she got in was not the Sentra she had rented but instead a 2015 black Infiniti QX50.  She was able to get in the car and drive away because the car was equipped with a keyless ignition system and the owner inadvertently left the key fob in the vehicle. 

The woman drove around for two weeks and didn't realize she was in the wrong car despite the fact that the Infiniti was a hatchback, while the Sentra she rented was a sedan. It wasn't until she attempted to return the car that she realized something was amiss.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the woman became upset when she was told there was a mistake because Enterprise did not rent out the type of car she was returning. She also complained about the dirty ashtray and the set of golf clubs that were left in the trunk. A manager from the rental car company pulled up her paperwork which showed that she had rented a Nissan and they started retracing her steps. 

Luckily, the woman had misplaced the vehicle on her first trip after renting it. The manager went to the Walmart with her and they found the Nissan she rented still parked in the lot.

The manager called the police, and the "stolen" car was returned to the owner. Police did not press charges against the woman for her honest mistake. 

Photo: Getty Images