COOL 102’s 2ND ANNUAL CCALS Radiothon!


"There is one word to describe Ron Hoffman and that word is love.  Hi I'm Brad's wife Marianne.  When Brad was diagnosed over four years ago we were devastated.  I felt like I couldn't breathe and didn't know where to turn.  I then learned about CCALS and gave Ron a call.  I wanted to meet Ron without Brad because I didn't want to get his hopes up.  Ron suggested that we grab a cup of coffee and talk.  After we talked I pretty much raced home to tell Brad about Ron and what CCALS was all about and that Ron wanted to meet him.    Since that moment Ron has walked by our side and let's us know that he's here for all of us.  He gently helps us to understand what may come next and how he can help to make things easier.  Ron has a special way of keeping us positive and smiling.  He's the real deal.  One day I was concerned because Brad was just not feeling well and was so uncomfortable sitting or lying down.  I happened to walk out of the house to get something and I saw a car pull up.  All of a sudden Ron jumps out with a sheepskin in hand.  He had a big smile and said, I have something for Brad that should make him feel better.  I just shook my head because he just knows where to be and how to help always.  I didn't even call him. He knows us and the families that have reached out to him. He just knows.  And today Brad is undergoing a tracheostomy at Mass General which is why I'm not able to be here personally to tell our story.    Ron asked if he could reach out to MGH on our behalf to make sure the planning would run as smooth as possible.  He helped us put it all together and is in touch everyday.  When you're living with ALS it's all big stuff.  Nothing is small.  Ron shows up.  He cares.  His staff at CCALS cares.  Please consider making a donation so CCALS so they can continue to make such an important difference for families living with ALS.  Brad, Mariella, Alyssa and myself love you Ron.  Thank you.  Cupid too!"

Please join us for…COOL 102’s 2ND ANNUAL CCALS Radiothon!

It begins on Friday, October 20th at 6am and comes to an end on Saturday , October 21st at Noon!

We’ll be raising money to help Compassionate Care ALS, better known as CCALS.

CCALS supports people diagnosed with ALS & their families by providing equipment & resources to try and make living with the disease easier. This includes things like home ramps, bath & shower chairs, electric wheelchairs & other expensive items rarely covered by insurance.

They also act as a support network to help with the difficult choices that those with ALS & their families have to make.

And, they do it all without taking ANY money from the families they help!

Our honorary chairperson for the Radiothon is COOL 102’s own, Brad Martin...who has been living with ALS now for four years and knows first-hand about all of the great work that CCALS does!

Your donation will help ease the burden of families just like Brad’s, who are bravely battling ALS each day of their lives!

Thank you so much!

"Hi Ron, it's Mariella, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for my family. For me, my sister Alyssa, my mom but most importantly my dad. 5 years ago when my dad was diagnosed with ALS, none of us knew what to even say or do. We were all just scared and wanted to run away. You were the light that walked into all of our lives and told us it would be okay, and stayed by our side. Not only just saying everything would be okay, but did everything in your power to make sure we were okay. From ramps, to chairs, to food to anything you could even imagine you had it done and made life as easy as it could be for my dad. You showed all of us so much love and would be there for any of us in a heartbeat. I remember when you made sure to give me and Alyssa your number to call you if we were ever scared or confused. That in itself I will never forget. Instead of someone walking away from something so scary you came toward it. Me and my family are so fortunate that we have you in our lives, you mean the world to us."

Brad Martin at our 2016 Radiothon                                   Brad Martin 2017 

Learn More about CCALS here

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