The Day I Met The Late, Great New England Patriot Sam 'Bam' Cunningham

Patriots Hall Of Famer Sam 'Bam' Cunningham has passed at the age of 71. The USC & NFL standout was a hero of mine back in the day.

I'll never forget one Saturday morning back in 1973 when my Mom told me to grab my autograph book because my Uncle Joe was heading over and he was taking me to Schaefer Stadium in Foxboro. I really didn't know what to expect but how excited I was when I realized I was going onto the playing field to meet the New England Patriots.

It was truly a memory that will last forever. Meeting Jim Plunkett, Randy Vataha, Mack Heron, John Hannah, Jon Morris and a host of others that would quickly fill the pages of the autograph book that I still to this day hold near and dear. 37 Pats signed it :)

That morning I also met a rookie out of USC who would go on to be a hero for a young Pats fan. Sam 'Bam' Cunningham. Sam passed away yesterday but will always be a part of my childhood that brings happy moments despite the 5-9 record that year.

Note: Sam's brother Quarterback Randell was also an NFL standout.

RIP Sam and thanks for taking the time to sign an autograph for a young kid who would always be a die hard Pats fan.

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