More Women Than Ever Doing This In Michigan

I thought this was interesting as firearm deer hunting season gets underway, the number of hunters overall are declining, especially men. 

Women, on the other hand, are getting out in the woods with rifles and bows. 

Get this, in 2017, there were 63,000 female hunters. Last year, more than 66,000 -- and growing. 

This story looked to sporting goods stores like Cabela's and Dicks Sporting Goods who, years ago, only dedicated one rack to hunter's clothing for women. Now at least a quarter of the hunting department is dedicated to women. 

So, guys, if your hunting cabin now includes your wife and daughters, that's really, really cool. But! Know these things about hunting with women -- a list I saw on

The one that stuck out most to me was:

Being crude or rude -- just because it's the hunting cabin doesn't mean all sense of decorum and class needs to be tossed out the window